Josh Andrus Speech To The Essentials Of Freedom Conference 2019

Speech delivered to FreedomTalk’s “Essentials Of Freedom Conference 2019 - Meeting the Unity Challenge: An Agenda for Canada” Conference in Red Deer on November 15, 2019

One Shot to Save Confederation

Confederation is broken.

That is an undeniable truth that now lies exposed at the bitter end of an election campaign that saw Alberta used as a punching bag by four of the five parties that now comprise membership in the House of Commons.


Put away the flowers – Alberta’s not dead yet!

As we head into the final stretch of the federal election campaign, certain truths about Alberta’s place in Confederation have become more apparent.

The sole English debate of the campaign clearly demonstrated just how minor of an issue the plight of Alberta’s economy is on the national stage with Alberta’s economic challenges barely rating a mention.

Welcome To Project Confederation

Project Confederation was born out of the undeniable need in this province to get a new deal for Alberta within the Confederation of Canada.