A Very Different Canada



Canada is very different today than it was just last month.

It might not feel like it yet, but the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the carbon tax has likely set in motion a series of events that will radically transform our country.

Maybe that sounds dramatic, but we've taken our time to analyze the Supreme Court's 405-page decision, and it's the only conclusion we could come to.

So, let us lay out our reasoning, and then we'll invite you to let us know whether you agree or disagree, and what you think we should do about it.

Supreme Court Upholds Trojan Horse Carbon Tax



Just a few minutes ago, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled 6-3 in favour of the federal government regarding the constitutionality of the carbon tax.

The federal carbon tax requires provinces to introduce carbon taxes and, crucially, also allows the federal government to impose a special federal carbon tax on any province that refuses to do so.

Citizens Initiative Act Introduced



Yesterday, the Alberta government introduced Bill 51 - the Citizen Initiative Act.

This is a fundamental democratic reform that Project Confederation has been at the forefront of the fight for over the last 18 months.

Project Confederation supporters and volunteers called thousands of Albertans about this issue, encouraging them to reach out to their MLAs and push them to take up this legislation - a huge thank you to you all!

Essentials Of Freedom Speech 2021

Speech To The Freedom Talk
Essentials Of Freedom Conference

By Josh Andrus
Friday, March 5th 2021



Keystone XL Cancellation Requires East-West Pivot



As promised, newly inaugurated President Joe Biden brought the axe down on the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office.

Short of a highly unlikely major policy reversal by a popular newly-elected President, or a court process that could take years, the permit’s cancellation effectively puts an end to any hope of completing the pipeline expansion.

Sadly, as the chances of Keystone XL faded, so did the hopes of Alberta energy workers and businesses, who have been crushed by wave after wave of bad news in recent years and were clinging on to Keystone XL as one of the very few remaining lights at the end of the tunnel.

We Are Not All In This Together

The refrain from Ottawa this year has been that “we’re all in this together.”

Three stories from last week make it clear that this is not the case.



Citizen Initiated Referenda Presentation

On Monday, 19th October, Project Confederation's Executive Director, Josh Andrus, made a presentation on Citizen Initiated Referenda to the Select Special Democratic Accountability Committee

The following is a transcript of the presentation.

One Year Closer To Alberta Autonomy

It's been one year since we launched Project Confederation and what a year it has been.

We launched our campaign prior to the 2019 federal election, where we predicted Western alienation would come to the fore, and I think it's fair to say we were clearly proven correct.

2020 kicked off to more headlines about the economic malaise that has dominated our mindsets for the past five years, and then we received even more bad news that the Teck Frontier Project had been shelved because the federal government kept moving the goalposts.

Next, not just Alberta, but the entire world was shut down by a pandemic.

Finally, as we entered into a period of already unprecedented uncertainty, oil prices collapsed again, devastating many of our already bleeding energy companies.

Through it all, Project Confederation has not wavered in our fight.


ANDRUS: Kenney Prepares To Fight "All-Out War" From His Knees

“The only time in the Speech from the Throne that Saskatchewan was essentially mentioned was in the phase out of our energy industry workers.”  

That was Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe’s response to the massive shift in direction signaled by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Throne Speech on Wednesday. His words rang true across the West and the fight for the heart of the energy industry has ramped up yet again.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney described the Throne Speech as a “full-frontal attack” on the constitution.

ANDRUS: Trudeau about to administer bitter medicine to the West

When Western Canada’s economy weakens while the federal government turns a deaf ear, history books show Western Canada’s discontent will bubble and Westerners begin looking for a strong political voice that Ottawa can’t ignore.

The upcoming session will be a defining one for the Trudeau administration. His Liberal Party is still reeling from the fallout from the WE scandal and looks towards the upcoming fall session to make a dramatic shift in policy – one designed to win voter-heavy Ontario and Quebec while leaving the West gasping for air.