It's Time To Channel Our Anger



You're mad.

I get it. 

You should be mad.

It's time now, though, to figure out how to channel that anger to create a stronger Alberta.

The past seven years have seen the political rhetoric in this country disintegrate into a constant barrage of insults hurled from the ivory towers of politicians across the spectrum - and especially from the holier-than-thou federal government in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Western Canadians are in the cross-hairs for refusing to bow to federal politicians and bureaucrats who seem to view any limit on federal power as just a barrier for them to find a way around.

And yet, when we protest against this treatment, Twitter's “blue checkmark” brigade, Laurentian politicians, and much of the establishment media will go to elaborate lengths to dismiss and outright disrespect the reasons behind our protest, putting a false spin on the narrative that completely disregards the real source of our frustrations.

Through Bill C-48 (the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act), Bill C-69 (the No More Pipelines Law), massive spending hikes, and of course COVID-restrictions, the federal government has launched itself on a prejudicial path that has directly led not only to an increase in costs for consumers but has laid the foundation of anger that was so clearly evident in last week's convoy to Ottawa.

All this while insisting that Western Canada's energy sector is destroying the world.

If the politicians, journalists, and climate crusaders were truly dedicated to saving the world, their target wouldn't be squarely on the backs of industries fundamental to Western Canada. They would also be targeting heavy industries in Ontario like automotive or cement.

However, in the face of such injustices, Premier Jason Kenney has done very little to stand up to Trudeau's Liberals.

While campaigning for office in 2019, Jason Kenney was adamant that he would stand up to Trudeau and defend Alberta's interests. However, that version of Jason Kenney appears to have disappeared.

Since the equalization resolution was passed in early November, nary a finger has been lifted in the fight for a Fair Deal by this provincial government.

As a result, momentum appears to have stalled and the fair deal policies that we have proposed - such as a provincial police force, provincial pension plan, or even unrestricted free trade across Canada - appear unlikely to occur, unless we push harder.

We have seen the power of the public sector play out in front of us - from union involvement in the October elections to the current influence campaign by the well-funded National Police Federation, the union that represents the RCMP.

We need to fight back. This year, we are planning to push hard on a series of initiatives that will make it clear to Ottawa that Albertans are serious about taking back our freedom. We want to force the government to:

  • Create an Alberta Constitution
  • Enshrine property rights in that Alberta Constitution
  • Replace the RCMP with an Alberta Police Service
  • Introduce an Alberta Pension Plan

Some of these ideas are controversial, but we have made significant progress last year and are dedicated to explaining and communicating the benefits of these ideas and ideals to as many Albertans as possible in the coming years.

This is an uphill battle, and it's a long road ahead, but it's a journey we know will be worth taking, and we're looking forward to taking it with you.

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