Premier Kenney Responds To Our Urgent Request For Action

Premier Kenney Responds To Our Urgent Request For Action

We were very pleased, last month, to join with other citizen groups and high-profile individuals to call for urgent action on Canada's constitution.

Yesterday, we received a response from Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney.



You can read the letter we sent to Premier Kenney here.

A copy of Premier Kenney's full response is included below for you to read.

We outlined Project Confederation's position on many of the issues Premier Kenney mentioned in our response to the Fair Deal Panel's report, which you can read here.


Premier Kenney's Full Response:


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  • Gail Fagan
    commented 2020-08-13 23:41:01 -0600
    So Jason and Co. What part of Western Independent Of ALBERTA have you missed? You’ve said you’re a ‘nationalist’ but in reality ALBERTA cannot EVER have any chance of being treated equally to RoC with the present system of seat distribution. In reality, many now understand you to be a Trojan horse, a placeholder quietly doing piss all as you promote immigration, temp foreign workers and attack our physicians instead of the bloated AHS bureaucracy. Nothing but a chihuahua yapping, barking and doing NOTHING for the betterment of the people who graced you with a majority. You have been deceptive and truly, you are not as advertised.
    So where’s that ‘referendum’ on equalization? Where’s a referendum on forming a separate republic and bring OUR RESOURCES under OUR control? Where’s that ALBERTA Firearms commissioner? Where’s the pension firewall?? Where a provincial police force of Albertans?? All stuff you’ve talked about.
    Only thing you’ve done is form a PROVINCIAL immigration dept to import foreign people into a high unemployment province and then fast track them to citizenship. A slap into a high tech energy economy that traitors Trudeau, Horgan and Snotley and Co gutted. You’re dishonest, manipulative and simp,y a bald faced career liar.