New Name, Same Terrible Plan

New Name, Same Terrible Plan



The Friday before a long weekend is always a government’s favourite time to release news they don’t want you to hear.

This last long weekend, though, the federal government took it up another notch, with an additional layer of distraction added into the mix.

First, the long-awaited Emergencies Act Inquiry report was released earlier than expected.

Then, while everyone was preoccupied with dissecting that hefty document, the federal government quietly unveiled its "Sustainable Jobs Plan".

If you haven't heard of the "Sustainable Jobs Plan", it's not your fault, because that's just the government's latest misleading name for their "Just Transition".

(Of course, "Just Transition" was, itself, just another misleading name for the government's plan to shut down the oil and gas industry, until we made it a nationwide issue, and embarrassed the government into renaming it again!)

The government's rebranded “Just Transition” plan may have gotten a shiny new name, but we all know a leopard can’t change its spots.

Having read through the new plan, it’s the same anti-energy industry “plan” that we sounded the alarm on last month, and that far-left politicians and eco-radicals have been pushing for years.

The "Sustainable Jobs Plan" tries to paint a pretty rosy picture of a new green utopia, with so many new jobs being created that the biggest problem Canada will face will be finding enough workers to fill them all!

Canada will be overflowing with opportunity as we march hand-in-hand into prosperity!

We'll believe it when we see it.

Actually, no, we won't, because we will never see it.

Read between the lines and the "Sustainable Jobs Plan" is exactly what we told you it would be - just another public relations spin on the fed's plan to end the energy industry.

The government even admits in the report that “it may not be possible to develop a single metric to measure and track sustainable jobs”.

According to them, a “sustainable job” is “any job that is compatible with Canada’s path to a net-zero emissions and climate resilient future”.

Of course, from the flip side of the coin, that means that if some bureaucrat somewhere decides that your job is incompatible with this net-zero path, your job is not sustainable and will need to be eradicated.

Enough about these magical unicorn jobs that the government will somehow create out of nothing... what about the much-vaunted plans to help train-up oil and gas workers to actually work in these new unicorn jobs?

Um, well, that part of the plan doesn't exist.

It turns out the "Sustainable Jobs Plan" isn’t a plan at all.

As Tyler Dawson from the National Post said - it’s a plan for more plans.

The government has no idea what it's actually doing, and you'll have to wait until 2025 to get any more details.

So, let’s recap what we now know:

  • The government plans to end the oil and gas industry as we know it.
  • There will be so many jobs we won’t be able to keep track of them all.
  • Something resembling an actual plan will be released in two years.

Seriously, is anyone buying this anymore?

Surely this is the green movement's jump-the-shark moment?

No matter what they're calling it, no matter what new packaging they've wrapped it up in, the Sustainable Jobs Plan is a plan to kill the energy industry and send workers to the unemployment line.

If you don't want that future, you need to stand with us against the "Just Transition" - no matter what they're calling it now.

To get involved, you can do three things:

1) Go and sign our petition against the Just Transition right now

2) Sign up to volunteer for our campaign

3) Make a donation to help fund our fight

If you've done all that already, please help spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, and every Canadian, by forwarding them this email.


Josh Andrus
Executive Director
Project Confederation

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