We believe that in order for long-lasting structural changes to be made, we need not just a political effort but a grassroots movement that works to change the entire political discourse of this country.

If we can speak directly to Canadians, spark debate on these important constitutional issues, and ultimately change the kinds of policies that voters are demanding, then political parties will be forced to follow.

The newly elected Alberta government campaigned on a promise to hold a referendum on Equalization and to restore Senate elections. This will present a unique opportunity to talk about these issues with Albertans and all Canadians.

We need a positive vision for Canada that promotes prosperity and fairness and can strengthen national unity by rebalancing the relationship between the federal government and the provinces.

As we have shown, the problem is not caused by any specific government or policy, but by institutional structures that create bad incentives, even for good governments.

Therefore, we believe there are three key reforms to the Canadian constitution that should be pursued that will rebalance Confederation and provide the kind of long term, long-lasting improved public policy outcomes not just for Alberta but for all Canadians.

Senate Reform

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Interprovincial Free Trade

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