Breaking: Fair Deal Panel Report Released

Breaking: Fair Deal Panel Report Released

The Alberta Government has just released the eagerly-anticipated Fair Deal Panel report.



The Fair Deal Panel Report contains 25 recommendations to the government:


  1. Press strenuously for the removal of the current constraints on the Fiscal Stabilization Program, which prevent Albertans from receiving a $2.4 billion equalization rebate.

  2. Proceed with the proposed referendum on equalization, asking a clear question along the lines of: “Do you support the removal of Section 36, which deals with the principle of equalization, from the Constitution Act, 1982?”

  3. Collaborate with other jurisdictions to reduce trade barriers within Canada and pressure the federal government to enforce free trade in Canada.

  4. Collaborate with other jurisdictions and other stakeholders to secure cross-border rights of way and create unobstructed corridors within Canada to tidewater and world markets.

  5. Collaborate with other jurisdictions to design and advance regional strategies for northern development; pressure the federal government to implement those strategies.

  6. a) Support and press for the strictest possible application of the principle of representation by population in the House of Commons. b) Work with other provinces and the federal government to democratize the Senate appointment process.

  7. Secure a fairer share of federal civil service opportunities and federal offices in Western Canada.

  8. Abolish or at least change the residency requirement for the federal courts.

  9. Assert more control over immigration for the economic benefit of Alberta.

  10. Collaborate with other provinces and industry to advance market-based approaches to environmental protection, including a reduction in GHG emissions.

  11. Continue to challenge federal legislation that affects provincial jurisdiction.

  12. Work with other provinces to secure a federal-provincial agreement prohibiting the federal government from spending, taxing, legislating, or treaty making in areas of provincial or joint jurisdiction without the consent of the affected province(s).

  13. a) Develop a comprehensive plan to create an Alberta Pension Plan and withdraw from the Canada Pension Plan. b) Subsequently, provide Albertans the opportunity, via a referendum, to vote for or against withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan and creating the Alberta Pension Plan.

  14. Create an Alberta Police Service to replace the RCMP.

  15. Appoint an Alberta Chief Firearms Officer (CFO).

  16. Secure a seat at the table when the federal government negotiates and implements international agreements and treaties affecting Alberta’s interests.

  17. Strengthen Alberta’s presence in Ottawa.

  18. Opt out of new federal cost-shared programs, subject to Alberta receiving full compensation.

  19. Resist federal intrusions into health and social programming, and do not seek to exchange cash payments for tax points at this time.

  20. Continue to diversify Alberta’s economy in the energy sector and beyond.

  21. Vigorously pursue access to markets for Alberta’s exports.

  22. Make no changes, at this time, to the administration of agreements that Alberta public agencies and municipalities have with the Government of Canada.

  23. a) Make no changes to tax collection in Alberta at this time. b) Support Quebec in its bid to collect the federal and provincial portions of personal income taxes and, if Quebec is successful, pursue the same strategy if it is advantageous.

  24. Use democratic tools such as referenda and citizens’ initiatives to seek Albertans’ guidance on selected Fair Deal Panel proposals and other initiatives.

  25. Explore ways and means to affirm Alberta’s cultural, economic and political uniqueness in law and government policy


The government has responded to each of these recommendations and we will have our analysis of the Panel's recommendations and the government's responses available for you soon.

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