An Honest Conversation On The Constitution

Earlier this week, I was invited on to the "Darcy Gerow Podcast".

We had a long chat about the journey Project Confederation has been on so far, as well as our plans for the future.

The episode was an in-depth discussion on how recent events are shaping political discourse on Confederation and the Constitution, and how our team is on the cutting edge of those discussions.


Darcy and I spoke at length about how tense the political climate is right now, and how federal overreach into provincial affairs is accelerating the possibility of a constitutional crisis.

Over the past few years, we have seen the federal government increase its reach in the affairs of the provinces dramatically, leading to a deterioration in federal-provincial relations across the country.

This means that we are ultimately hurtling towards a constitutional convention one way or another, whether we like it or not.

That's why I emphasized how important it is for us to win the battle of ideas.

if a constitutional convention is coming, we have to be ready for it.

We have to be prepared, in advance, knowing what needs to be changed to make Confederation fairer.

There will be some give and take, we are fully aware of that.

But we need to do the work now, to know what would be nice to have, and what has to be a red line.

That means we need to do our due diligence in researching every issue that could come up, in order to put us in the best position possible to advocate our positions when everyone's cards are on the table.

A major focus of Project Confederation this year is to do exactly that.

We need to develop an agenda and a wish list for what we want Canada to look like in the future.

We need to have an honest conversation about the direction this country is going.

If you'd like to help with that work, here are three ways you can do so:


1) Click here to listen to my podcast interview with Darcy.

2) Click here to sign up as a volunteer and get involved.

3) Click here to donate to our research and advocacy work.

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  • Roy Harvie
    commented 2023-02-04 21:39:44 -0700
    I have published my political views here: Please read.
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