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The 2023 Alberta general election is over, and Albertans have sent a clear message to Ottawa: stay in your lane.

Throughout the past three and a half years, Project Confederation has been at the forefront of the movement to seek meaningful change to the way that this country is governed.

We have never wavered in our goal of seeking a fair deal for western Canada, in whatever legal configuration that may require.

The election in Alberta was a turning point for our movement, and I was very happy to have been able to provide commentary on a wide range of issues throughout the campaign.

As you may recall, prior to the campaign, together with our partners at Alberta Proud and the Alberta Institute, I took part in a “Can’t Stop Alberta Tour”, where we held a series of panel discussions to talk about what became the key issues of the campaign - affordability, crime, and education.

We have another leg of the tour coming up soon - we'll get you details ASAP.

Once the campaign kicked off, we focused on providing you with well-researched information and analysis of the issues that came up on the campaign trail.

In my first piece, published in the Western Standard, I highlighted the fact that the federal government is implementing policies that are harmful to the energy sector.

Later that week, I was interviewed by Angelica Toy. In the interview, I outlined the key issues facing Albertans and exactly how provincial government policies impact them.

On May 8, I was once again published in the Western Standard, where I talked about the devastating impacts that the Alberta NDP’s net-zero electricity plan would have on the economy, including pointing out that the NDP’s climate goals are largely aligned with unachievable federal targets.

The next week was another busy one, as I joined Sheila Gunn Reid in the first of two appearances on The Gunn Show on Rebel News. We had a great discussion about affordability and the impact of poor energy policies on economic activity, and I put my prognosticator hat on and made an early prediction based on early developments from the campaign!

That week I also wrote about the 2023 Liberal Party of Canada Convention and the push amongst rank-and-file Liberals for the implementation of the “Just Transition,” a policy idea that would transition all oil and natural gas workers into lower salaries at “green energy” jobs, or even transition them right to the unemployment line.

After the Leaders' debate, I had the opportunity to publish another column in the Western Standard outlining how the federal government’s net-zero emissions targets were unachievable and would effectively act as a production cap on oil and natural gas - highlighted in an exchange between NDP leader Rachel Notley and UCP leader Danielle Smith in the debate.

On the heels of that column, I was invited back on to The Gunn Show where Sheila and I chatted at length about energy policy and its impacts on not just the economy and affordability, but also on innovation. We had a great talk about the election - and had a few laughs while we were at it!

As we headed into the final days of the campaign, I joined the Darcy Gerow Podcast to talk about the election - once again highlighting how federal policies impact affordability and how affordable energy can help alleviate affordability issues across all industries.

Two days before election day, I penned my final pre-election column, where I outlined in great detail all the federal policies that are impacting Albertans and what the two major contenders were proposing to do about each of them.

After election day, there was no time to rest...

I, once again, joined Rebel News, this time as a guest on the Ezra Levant Show, where I talked about the election results and discussed what the next four years would look like under a UCP majority government.

I also penned my post-election thoughts, focusing on newly re-elected Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s remarks to Justin Trudeau regarding unrealistic net-zero emissions targets with a clear message to Ottawa - we’re ready for the fight.

As you can see, I was busy, and I'm still going strong!

Yesterday I was on TV on the News Forum, and later this morning, I will be on Bridge City News - keep an eye out for those interviews soon!

We now have a majority government in Alberta with a mandate to stand alongside Saskatchewan in our fight against federal government overreach and policies designed to legislate our primary industries out of existence.

We know that other provinces around the country are getting fed up with federal overreach too.

The election might be over, but our work is only starting.

If you're ready to help us, we need your help now!

We will be working to ensure the long-term economic viability of Western Canada is safeguarded by achieving meaningful constitutional reforms that protect provincial jurisdiction in the face of federal threats.

If you are able, please help us fund our efforts with a donation:




Josh Andrus
Executive Director
Project Confederation


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