Just Transition To What?

Earlier this week, Leighton Grey released the latest version of his "Grey Matter Podcast", and I was honoured to be his invited guest.

We talked at length about the "Just Transition", and how it is going to impact the economy across the country, but especially in Alberta.

You can listen to the full podcast episode now, here:



We examined the illegal, insane, immoral, and unjust nature of what the Liberals have recently rebranded as their "Sustainable Jobs Plan".

Like we said in last week's email, the "Just Transition" is just another misleading name for a government plan to legislate the oil and gas industry out of existence.

Leighton and I got into the details about the political climate around the country, and how a combination of crises are leading us straight to a constitutional convention.

We know what the "Sustainable Jobs Plan" means for Alberta’s economy.

We also know that under Rachel Notley, the Alberta NDP were planning on bringing in their own version of the "Just Transition".

That’s why we have to make a stand.

We can’t back down now, we’re in the middle of a fight.

The "Sustainable Jobs Plan" is exactly what we think it is.

We cannot allow them to legislate our jobs out of existence.

Albertans are amongst the most resilient people in Canada - generation after generation has faced similar hardships, and yet the nature of Alberta has allowed opportunities for each generation to live prosperous lives.

The federal government seems determined to wipe out our pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit.

We have to keep fighting, and if you want to help, here are four ways you can do so:

1) Click above to watch my podcast interview with Leighton;

2) Click here to sign up as a volunteer and get involved;

3) Click here to sign our petition to Stop the Just Transition;

4) Click here to donate to our research and advocacy work;

Let me know what you think!


Josh Andrus
Executive Director
Project Confederation

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