Just Transition Legislation Introduced

The Sustainable Jobs Act (the rebranded, but still terrible Just Transition) was introduced by the Liberal government in the House of Commons at the end of last week.

A nice little treat for western Canadians to digest as we head towards the summer holidays.

The "plan" is chock full of visionary language of an environmental utopia where we all have centrally-planned, centrally-controlled jobs run out of a “Sustainable Jobs Secretariat” which will oversee the government’s work on the “Just Transition.”

The reaction in western Canada has been as negative as you would expect.

In a statement, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith made it clear that any recommendations going against the province's constitutional jurisdiction over natural resources will be ignored, since the Just Transition will effectively phase out oil and natural gas production entirely:

“Alberta will not recognize, cooperate with or enforce any attempt to phase out our province's oil and natural gas industry or its workforce. This is non-negotiable.”

In Saskatchewan, Premier Scott Moe has been equally blunt on the topic:

“We don’t want to discuss ‘Just Transition’ because we aren’t implementing ‘Just Transition’ in Saskatchewan.”

Not since Pierre Trudeau's "National Energy Program," have we witnessed such a blatant and damaging attack on the energy industry by the federal government.

Pierre Trudeau, though, only aimed to extract more money from the energy industry to fuel his liberal spending habits.

His son Justin’s "Just Transition" is much more troubling.

It's an ideological plan explicitly designed to eliminate the oil and gas industry entirely.

We must rally against this dangerous agenda.

Thankfully, western Canadians seem to be waking up to this threat.

Our petition against the Just Transition just hit its 20,000 signature goal!

That's why we've bumped up the goal to 50,000 - a stretch to be sure, but we need as many people as possible to stand up for our jobs and our way of life.

So, let's all stand united in opposition to policies that undermine our energy industry and demand responsible alternatives that prioritize its growth and prosperity. 

Together, we can counter this damaging approach and safeguard the future of our energy sector.

If you haven't signed the petition yet, so please go and sign it now to show your support:



Once you've signed, please pass it on!


Josh Andrus
Executive Director
Project Confederation

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  • Marlen K
    commented 2023-06-26 19:03:12 -0600
    Living in Saskatoon, I find all this news to be very interesting. The province has been going through a lot lately. I know a lot of small business in Saskatchewan that are already struggling in today’s economy, companies like https://www.appliancerepairsaskatoon.com/ and so cutting away natural gas from our economy won’t make things better in the short run. I hope all the suffering is worth if for our economy if it does help in the long run,
  • Joshua Andrus
    published this page in News 2023-06-20 11:27:41 -0600